Constantly seeking better solutions, better efficiency, unique systems and uncharted territory in our product offer.


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    The promise with which we continue our journey with you.


    Original. Like a fingerprint, like a signature. Original. Like a new way to create improvement. Original. Like the drive for efficiency, even in the simplest things. Original. Like something akin to us, representing our uniqueness and diversity. Original. Like beauty, the positive feeling that makes life better. In details too. Original. To us, it’s more than a word. It’s the way we have chosen to do our part, at our best, in a system where we are all connected. It’s an attitude. It’s our commitment. It’s the promise to keep going in our journey with you. Originally yours
    LAGO is a family-owned company, a prominent and respected producer of truck and trailer accessories, boasting over 70 years of experience in this sector.
    Tool and storage boxes, system mudguards, fire extinguisher boxes and other complementary products make up the articulated product offer which stems from such expertise.
    Established in Italy and exporting to over 50 countries, LAGO is also known for its solid roots and fair practice.
    LAGO is aware of the fact that what distinguishes an organization goes well beyond the quality of products and services offered, hence touching the needs manifested by the entire community. We are firm believers in the principle that fair competition constitutes a healthy incentive to innovation; the work ethics that have always inspired our company are formally assembled in a Code of Conduct in the belief that trust is developed on a day-to-day basis through the respect of people and of the rules that govern the context they operate within.